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What is Family Banking?

Most people have been conditioned to focus on traditional banking approaches, they never stop to ask themselves, “Is there a better way to borrow money?”  The Family Banking system is an exceptional alternative to leaning on banks for financial support.  In addition, it’s a great tool to store and save cash and manage financing.

By using the whole life insurance strategy as your private family bank, no one can tell you what to do with your money, how to save it, how to borrow it.  More importantly, when the time comes to borrow from your family bank, you don’t need approval, collateral, or anything else!

The Family Banking system can be easily incorporated into your life.  It’s easy to understand with proven success for hundreds of years!

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Wealth isn’t just about the amount of money you have in your investment or retirement accounts. It’s about the abundance of anything you want in life. It took me a long while to realize this, but my own financial journey enabled me – eventually – to see that gaining control over my own wealth would allow me to discover what I truly valued in life.

It would also allow me to build “wealth” in all areas of my life, not just the financial areas. That’s what I want to share with you in this book. I hope the lessons I learned on my financial journey will help you discover your own personal definition of wealth and utilize my strategies to help you build it.


When it comes to wealth planning, most assume you must sacrifice today in order to prepare for the future: NOT TRUE!!

  • You CAN start building wealth today that does not affect the investments of tomorrow!
  • You CAN create assets that produce passive monthly income!
  • You CAN take control of the banking process AND of your pride’s future!

Your family’s financial stability shouldn’t be left to chance.

After chasing down the corporate dream, we realized it fell short in the pursuit of happiness and security. Continuing to stay on the traditional path meant giving up control. Then we discovered the family banking system, a proven financial approach that gave us not only cash flow and financial freedom, but security too.

We did it for our family and we’re ready to show you how to do it for yours too.

The Hunt For A Better Future Is Just Three Simple Steps Away!

Step One: Schedule A Call

We talk through what’s going on in your financial life and how we can help.

Step Two: Strategy Session

We take a deep dive into your entire financial life to see how infinite banking can change your legacy

Step Three: Enjoy Freedom

Once qualified, you are set up for the long-term security your family deserves.

Don’t Believe Us? Listen To Our Clients Roar…

What Is Family Banking?

Family Banking is a mindset and system used by generations of America’s richest families to think very differently about their wealth. Instead of investing in liabilities (like cars and homes), you invest in assets (like rental properties, businesses, and other assets that generate cash flow via ownership). Like any smart asset, you generate ongoing cash flow from interest while also building net worth through ownership. And like a bank, this system produces financing opportunities you now control.

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Picture this: You’ve chosen the family banking path and:

You have assets that grow in value and produce cash flow

You get peace of mind knowing you have more control over your wealth

You keep moving closer to the legacy you want to leave

Take control of your family’s wealth today. Schedule a call to get started.

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