Who We Are

About Perennial Pride

Through my experience managing my family’s personal finances, I’ve learned to utilize alternative approaches to typical financial planning to grow our wealth.  This approach has allowed us to take control of finances to find more efficient ways to store our cash, increase income, and build wealth outside the traditional banks and volatility of the stock market.

I’ve discovered how what I was doing aligned with the core principles of the Prosperity Economics Movement.  Therefore, I created Perennial Pride to help educate people on the truth of money so you, too, can take advantage of alternative approaches outside typical financial planning.

Prosperity Economics maximizes what you have, minimizes taxes (not just now, but in the future), and keeps money in your control. It focuses on cash flow rather than accumulation, and it protects wealth rather than subjecting it to constant risk.

Prosperity Economics seeks to help people regain control of their money. In contrast, typical financial planning advocates that Americans:

Save money in banks that offer no privacy or protection from creditors, the IRS, or civil forfeiture.
Hand over their investment dollars to companies who will charge perpetual “management fees,” whether or not their funds are gaining or losing.
Analyze their “risk tolerance” and instead of protecting their money.
Recommend investments that roller coaster ride with the stock market and are not guaranteed.
Take tax deductions now by maxing out their 401(k)s and IRAs, only to pay more taxes later.
Tie up their dollars in places where it can’t be easily withdrawn or borrowed against.

Tom Suvansri

President, Perennial Pride

Tom Suvansri is the founder of Perennial Pride where he focuses on comprehensive wealth management strategies that leverages sound economic principles to grow wealth with increased control and certainty. Tom has always held a passion for managing his family’s wealth and continues to explore opportunities to protect and maximize each dollar.

His passion stems from witnessing the financial struggles of his parents who ran a successful family physician practice. Unfortunately, his parents never obtained the necessary financial education which led them to lose control of their wealth and put their money at massive risk. As a result, much of the wealth they were able to create over their lifetime was not available to enjoy in their later years. The hardships Tom’s parents endured throughout their lives motivated him to find a better path to prosperity and abundance for his family and clients. This drive compels Tom to continue to learn and grow so he can better serve the families, professionals, and business owners he has the honor to help.

Tom graduated from The Pennsylvania State University with an MBA in Finance after earning his BS in Biology from The College of New Jersey. Prior to starting Perennial Pride, Tom spent over fifteen years within the pharmaceuticals industry in various roles spanning corporate/commercial finance, marketing operations, and compliance.

Born in Lower Merion, PA, and raised in Cherry Hill, NJ, Tom currently resides in Stamford, CT, with his wife, Bridget and their two boys, Aidan and Colin. In his free time, Tom loves to read, exercise, play an occasional round of golf, and just enjoy family time.